Software vendors

Integration challenges

Acquiring a customer

At a time when data exchange speed is building a market advantage, companies must ensure smooth and easy integration of their products with other applications – this is often a decisive factor in acquiring customers.

Integration is hard

Building integrations is complicated and time-consuming. If that was not enough, integrations should be maintained and regularly updated to ensure their continuous flawless operation.

Your own product

Every software vendor wants to focus on the development of their business. Your product will become more competitive if you focus solely on its improvement and you will entrust integration to us.

Wake up your product potential

Ready to use integrations

At Konektu our client can count on an individual approach. We will prepare all your integrations in a few days according to your guidelines. Your clients will be able to setup and run them in a few minutes by logging in to a dedicated customer panel.

Costs control

You assign appropriate pricing plans to your clients. If you want to provide them with the possibility to run more integrations, just choose a higher plan. We settle fees based on the number of integrations used by your clients.


With the increasing number of clients, the subscription fee for the use of integrations will be lower and lower. You do not have to worry about server resources – we provide a fully flexible architecture that will serve all your clients.

Tech Support

With Konektu you can focus on your business. Within the integrations subscription we offer full support and any help needed for you or your customers. We also provide continuous integration updates, e.g. when an application changes its API.

Some benefits

No development

You shouldn’t care about technical aspects – the whole integration of your app and the 3rd party apps and end-customers infrastructure is handled by Konektu integration specialists.

Increase sales

Since you have more time for the most important, you can plan and execute your business strategy more effectively, by focusing on sales or marketing, not integration. We help you to sell more by allowing to sell where you couldn’t before because of lack of integration.

Competitive advantage

Increase your competitiveness on the market by integrating your product with over 250 apps and IT systems supported by Konektu. This number is growing fast, as is your advantage by using this powerful integrations.

Our promise


This is the percent of problems related to software and data integration you will be able to solve by using Konektu.
We offer easy, effective and safe solution.

There are 3 steps to start.

We define the most important integration needs for you product and chosen 3rd party apps.

Our integration developers create dedicated integrations in the blink of an eye.

Integrations are offered in Konektu directly for your clients or you can run them from your own partner account.




  • Standard synchronization
  • 1 active integration
  • 8/5 Support


  • Fast task processing
  • 20 active integrations
  • 8/5 Support