How Konektu works?

Select apps

With each week there are more applications in Konektu that you can integrate. You choose the most interesting ones for you and then review the integrations we have prepared for them. Contact us if your application is not on the list yet.

Provide the credentials

After selecting the integration intuitive configuration wizard will start which will guide you through the process of starting your integration. In most cases, you only need to know the access details that will enable Konektu to synchronize data.

Save time

Integration will start immediately after the wizard completes, and your applications will start to communicate automatically in the background. You can follow the integration activity status directly in Konektu. You’re starting to save time!

Konektu advantages

Apps integration

Easily connect all mission critical systems and apps in your company. Make data exchange between your applications possible and effective.

Costs reduction

Avoid performing routine activities manually, over and over. Increase new opportunities for your own business and avoid unnecessary costs.


Availability and consistency is crucial in running a business. Konektu lets you to synchronize any data between your apps and databases (within and outside your company) and keeps it safe and up-to date in easy way.

Always up-to-date

Regardless of software version, Konektu takes care of updating its integrations to the latest API requirements of any apps you’re using. Forget about integration update costs as we got you covered!

Cloud solution

Konektu is a fully cloud-based platform with the ability to connect to your internal infrastructure using encrypted SSL 256-bit tunnels to ensure the highest security standards.

It's safe!

We do not store any sensitive data. All data connections between your servers and Konektu are secured by 256 bit SSL encryption, following the highest standards of the data transfer security.

Experts' support

We deliver 360° support at every step of your integration, starting from advanced business requirements analysis to full customization of final integration. Ask us for an additional help and let our experts guide you.

Dedicated plugins

Do you want to integrate your software and haven’t found what you looking for? Contact us and let’s talk about adding these integrations to our platform.

Communication standards

Konektu offers the possibility of integration with almost any application thanks to the support of wide array of data formats and communication protocols. Konektu translates everything into universal language so that all applications can talk to each other.

With Konektu we were able to avoid countless errors coming from manual data processing between our CRM and other sales-support apps. It drastically helped us to lower the costs, strengthening our company image and increasing revenue as the result. Highly recommended!


If you want to implement your processes in the fastest and affordable way, Konektu is providing maximum security for the data transferred by using IPsec encryption between you and our servers.

Konektu platform was created to integrate cloud applications exposing an API, but it fully supports connections with applications working in your infrastructure. Contact us for details.

Do you need dedicated support for more advanced integrations? We’re ready to provide you with appropriate number of integration experts to support a project of any level of complexity.

World of your integrations

Advanced software integration can be done in a few minutes without any programming skills required.