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What's the difference between Konektu and competitive solutions?

Konektu is the simplest to use integration platform we know. Starting the integration comes down to selecting the application you are interested in and providing some configuration details.

What can I expect from using Konektu?

Saved time and all the benefits of automation. Konektu ensures data flow between your applications takes place immediately and without any need of routine tasks done by employees.

Does using Konektu require any IT staff engagement?

No. To use our platform most of the time you do not need practically any technical knowledge.

What is required from me in order to use Konektu Developer Platform?

To utilize 100% of Konektu Developer Platform it is recommended to have an IT specialist with sound knowledge in the following areas:
  • XML, XPath and XSLT,
  • familiarity with interfaces of the applications that your company aims to integrate.

Is my data safe with Konektu?

Konektu does not store any sensitive business data, especially information sent between client’s applications.
There is also an option to set up a secured VPN tunnel between our servers and client’s applications that guarantees data safety without any additional infrastructure costs for your company.

Do you provide custom integration development services?

Yes. In this case please contact us.

Do you provide integration updates?

Yes, all integrations are constantly maintained, and updates are carried out on a regular basis. You do not have to worry about whether integration will continue to work after the release of the new version of the application.

What apps do you support? I can't see my app on your website.

The number of applications available in the Konektu is constantly increasing. If you do not find the application or integration you are interested in, please contact us at

How does Konektu compare to Zapier?

Zapier is a tool primarily aimed for individual customers, mainly providing integration with popular applications. Konektu offers applications targeted more at the business customer.


If you haven’t found answers to your questions or are looking for help in starting integration, we recommend that you visit the technical support page or contact customer service.

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